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The Journal of Adventist Education® (JAE) is published quarterly, with eight to 10 articles appearing in each issue. The following aspects may be of particular interest to prospective authors:

JAE accepts invited and freelance submissions from educators, educational administrators, and individuals working in education. Authors must be familiar with Adventist Christian education—its philosophy, structure, and historical foundations.

Articles may deal with educational theory or practice, although as a professional journal, JAE seeks to emphasize the practical. Articles dealing with creative and effective methods to enhance teaching skills or learning in the classroom are especially welcome. Such essays should demonstrate the skillful integration of Seventh-day Adventist faith/values and learning, whether theoretical or practical.

Periodically, issues will deal extensively with a single topic or issue. Articles representing various approaches or the in-depth discussion of aspects of the issue are welcome.

The target audience of an article may be teachers: elementary, secondary, or college/university level; or educational administrators. JAE’s constituency is international, a fact writers should keep in mind as they explore the implications or applications of a given topic. Where applicable, special attention should be given to the concerns of under-resourced student populations and students with special needs. Writers should define their target group precisely and address its concerns in a specific manner.

Preferred Topics

  • A call for action on a problem in education (drug use, need for physical activity, lack of computer access, minority graduation rates, violence, sexual harassment, teacher burnout and morale, hazards at school), with suggestions about how to solve it
  • Addressing the needs of students with special needs, learning disabilities, physical handicaps
  • New methods and approaches; applying educational research in the classroom
  • Church projects related to education
  • Classroom climate, interpersonal skills, counseling, discipline
  • New methods and approaches, such as cooperative learning, multiple intelligences, individualized instruction, thematic instruction, etc.
  • Educational administration
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Ideas for professional enrichment, staff development, teacher training
  • Ideas for worship, religious activities
  • Inspirational articles related to the task of the teacher, goals of Adventist® education
  • Integration of faith and learning
  • Issues relating to multigrade and multicultural classrooms
  • Legal issues in schools
  • Marketing, promoting Adventist® education
  • Personal experience or inspirational articles (school-related)
  • Pros and cons on a controversial topic
  • Relations with boards, parents, administrators
  • Reports on innovative programs and projects or research on Adventist® education
  • School libraries
  • Service and outreach activities
  • Teaching techniques, innovative and practical methods of presenting specific topics and subjects
  • Testing and assessment
  • Use of technology in the classroom

Items to Submit

  • Manuscript with identifying markers removed
  • Charts, figures, graphs, illustrations, photographs, tables, or appendices
  • A biographical statement of 50 words or less for each author that includes the author’s name as it should appear in print, highest earned degree (location and school), other degrees/certifications/licenses pertinent to the topic, current position/title, years of experience in education (teacher/administrator/other education roles), levels of education involved with (primary/secondary/tertiary), publications, awards, or any other notable information.
  • Bio photograph that is 500 KB or higher in file size
  • Format: The Journal of Adventist Education® (JAE) uses the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) and the Associated Press Stylebook.

Article Types

JAE has the following article categories:

Feature articles: 3500-4000 words (not including references)
Feature articles address educational theory or practice creatively and effectively, clearly addressing the enhancement of teaching and learning in the classroom and the integration of faith with learning.

Best Practices at Work articles: 1500-2000 words
Best practice articles show how teachers and school administrators are utilizing best practices in the classroom or across school settings to engage learners, strengthen the curriculum, and help learners navigate the discovery process.

Perspectives articles: 2500-3000 words
Articles in this feature section critically examine an area of academic content through the lens of faith and provide specific, in-depth recommendations for practice.

Book Reviews (invited or unsolicited): 900-1100 words
Books relevant to Adventist education that address topics such as philosophy and practice, the lives of Adventist educators, stories about Adventist education around the world, curriculum and instruction resources, professional development, service, and leadership, etc.

articles: 1000-1500 words
Promote or feature a resource or event valuable to Adventist educators.