Adventist educators now have a digital staff room! Using online blogging tools, educators can dialogue with each other and enlarge their perspectives through freely accessible continuing education. Officially launched in April 2017, the Adventist Educator Blog serves Seventh-day Adventists called to the ministry of teaching through concise, practical articles representative of the diversity of settings where Christian education takes place.

Envisioned and developed through Circle in partnership with the Journal of Adventist Education, the blog uses current technology to encourage and build interaction between the 93,000 educators employed by Adventist schools, colleges, and universities around the world. Adventist educators serving in other private and public institutions are invited to join and contribute to the sharing of best practices in Christian education.

The goal of Adventist Educator Blog is to publish contributions that represent the diversity of Adventist educational contexts, and increase access to continuing education and news of Adventist education transnationally. Delivered one page at a time, blog posts provide busy teachers with easy to understand, applicable content. Original articles are published in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Editors work from Brazil, United States, and Zimbabwe, and new articles are published three times per week. Contributors include faculty working in a range of environments, from large university campuses to rural schools.

All educators are invited to share their own teaching experience in 500-word articles on any of the 12 themes of Adventist educational standards such as educational philosophy and sustainable leadership, spiritual growth and reflective practice, curriculum and assessment, teaching and learning, school environment, communication and partnerships, faith and technology integration. Best practices and emerging trends are shared within the framework of Adventist faith at work in diverse educational spaces. Articles should be submitted to [email protected].

Suellen Tim, Managing Editor
Glynis Bradfield, CIRCLE Director
Faith-Ann McGarrell, Journal of Adventist Education Editor