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1. Administrative Essentials for Online Programs

Delivering programs online, whether at the elementary, secondary, or tertiary level, is a significant undertaking. This practical overview examines several areas administrators should consider as they...

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2. ​Nurturing Faith Through Online Learning

The surge in online learning resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic1 is but an escalation, albeit a dramatic one, of a growing global trend in the use of online or blended modalities in education.2 Online...

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3. ​Preparing Online Students to Engage in Fieldwork Experiences

...Fieldwork reinforces the lessons learned in the classroom and applies them to the real world. In online education, fieldwork is becoming more common as curricular requirements are adapted to address...

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4. ​Nurturing Faith Through Online Learning

Faced with escalating trends globally in the utilization of online modalities for teaching and learning, perhaps one of the greatest challenges for Adventist educators is this: How can we shape online...

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5. How to Successfully Support Online Teachers

Twenty years ago, finding Adventist teachers with online teaching experience was very difficult. The online school administrator had to grapple with hiring an experienced teacher with little technology...

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6. ​Teaching and Assessing Language Skills Online

...teaching and assessing language skills can be a formidable task. With the arrival of the digital era and online education, teachers have a new assignment―to teach and assess language skills online. Can...

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7. ​Faith Presence:

The integration of faith with learning is central to Christian education.1 In the online learning environment, successful implementation of this principle can pose a great challenge to educators. The...

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8. ​Protecting Student Privacy: Learning From COVID-19 Educational institutions in technologically advanced regions quickly adopted a wide variety of online tools including video conferencing, collaboration apps, project planning software, and...

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9. Reflections on Pedagogical Hospitality and Remote Learning

...“becoming obedient to death” (Philippians 2:6-8). Remote learning is similar to SRE teaching because when online-classroom teachers enter their students’ homes, the values and beliefs that they hold...

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10. Using Online Education to Address the Challenges of Small, Multigrade Schools

...needs of students is to seek out innovative alternatives to traditional methods of instruction. Using online education and resources is one such creative alternative that many teachers worldwide have...

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