Table 1. Degree programs accredited by the AAA2

Division Institution/Country/State Degrees
ECD Adventist University of Central Africa, Rwanda Bachelor’s
ECD Adventist University of Lukanga, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Bachelor’s
ECD Bugema University, Uganda Bachelor’s
ECD University of Eastern Africa Baraton, Kenya Bachelor’s, Master’s
EUD Friedensau Adventist University, Germany RN to Bachelor’s
IAD Adventist University of Haiti, Haiti Bachelor’s
IAD Antillean Adventist University, Puerto Rico Bachelor’s, Master’s
IAD Central American Adventist University, Costa Rica Bachelor’s
IAD Colombia Adventist University, Colombia Bachelor’s
IAD Dominican Adventist University, Dominican Republic Bachelor’s (C)3
IAD Linda Vista University, Mexico Bachelor’s
IAD Montemorelos University, Mexico Bachelor’s
IAD Navojoa University, Mexico Bachelor’s
IAD Northern Caribbean University, Jamaica Bachelor’s
IAD University of Southern Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago Bachelor’s (C)
NAD Adventist University of Health Sciences, Florida Bachelor’s, Master’s4
NAD Andrews University, Michigan Bachelor’s, Doctoral
NAD Kettering College, Ohio Bachelor’s
NAD Loma Linda University, California Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
NAD Oakwood University, Alabama Bachelor’s
NAD Pacific Union College, California Associate, Bachelor’s
NAD Southern Adventist University, Tennessee Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
NAD Southwestern Adventist University, Texas Bachelor’s
NAD Union College, Nebraska Bachelor’s
NAD Walla Walla University, Washington Bachelor’s
NAD Washington Adventist University, Maryland Bachelor’s, Master’s
NSD Sahmyook Health University College, Korea Bachelor’s
NSD Sahmyook University, Korea Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
NSD Saniku Gakuin College, Japan Bachelor’s (C)
SAD Bolivia Adventist University, Bolivia Bachelor’s
SAD Brazil Adventist University, Brazil Bachelor’s
SAD Chile Adventist University, Chile Bachelor’s
SAD Northeast Brazil College, Brazil Bachelor’s
SAD Parana Adventist College, Brazil Bachelor’s
SAD Peruvian Union University, Peru Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
SAD River Plate Adventist University, Argentina Bachelor’s
SID Adventist University Zurcher, Madagascar Bachelor’s
SID Rusangu University, Zambia Bachelor’s
SPD Avondale College of Higher Education, Australia Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
SPD Pacific Adventist University, Papua New Guinea Bachelor’s
SSD Adventist Medical Center-Illigan City, Philippines Bachelor’s
SSD Adventist University of the Philippines, Philippines Bachelor’s, Master’s
SSD Asia-Pacific International University, Thailand Bachelor’s
SSD Central Philippine Adventist College, Philippines Bachelor’s
SSD Indonesia Adventist University, Indonesia Bachelor’s
SSD Klabat University, Indonesia Bachelor’s
SSD Manila Adventist College, Manila Bachelor’s
SSD Mountain View College, Philippines Bachelor’s
SSD Northern Luzon Adventist College, Philippines Bachelor’s
SSD South Philippine Adventist College, Philippines Bachelor’s
SUD Lowry Adventist College, India Bachelor’s, Master’s
SUD METAS Adventist Hispital, Ranchi, India Bachelor’s
SUD METAS Giffard Memorial Hospital, India Bachelor’s
WAD Adventist University Cosendai, Cameroon Bachelor’s
WAD Babcock University, Nigeria Registered Nurse, Bachelor’s, Master’s (C)
WAD Valley View University, Ghana Bachelor’s

Table 2. Degree programs that have not yet received AAA accreditation

The following programs may apply for evaluation and accreditation by the AAA.
SAD Paraguay Adventist University, Paraguay Bachelor’s
SSD Karachi Adventist Hospital College of Health Sciences, Pakistan Bachelor’s
SUD Ottapalam Seventh-day Adventist Hospital, India Bachelor’s
SUD Scheer Memorial Hospital, Nepal Bachelor’s
WAD Adventist University of West Africa, Liberia Bachelor’s

Table 3. Certificate and diploma programs

In October 2017, the AAA approved criteria for accreditation of post-secondary certificate and diploma programs in nursing, among other areas. The following programs may now apply for evaluation by their respective Division Commission on Accreditation (DCA), and if approved, be accredited by the AAA.
ECD Heri Nursing School, Tanzania Nurse Technician
ECD Ishaka Adventist Hospital, Uganda Enrolled Nurse
ECD Kendu Adventist Hospital, Kenya Registered Nurse
ECD Songa Adventist Hospital, DRC Registered Nurse
EUD Waldfriede Berlin Hospital, Germany Registered Nurse
SAD Misiones Adventist College, Argentina Registered Nurse
SID Malamulo College of Health Sciences, Malawi Nurse Technician
SID Mwami Adventist Hospital, Zambia Registered Nurse
SID Kanye Seventh-day Adventist College of Nursing, Botswana Registered Nurse5
SID Maluti Adventist Hospital, Lesotho, South Africa Registered Nurse5
SSD Adventist College of Nursing and Health Sciences (ACNHS) Penang, Malaysia Registered Nurse (C)
SSD Bangladesh Adventist Nursing Institute, Bangladesh Registered Nurse (C)
SSD Surya Nusantara Adventist College, Indonesia Registered Nurse
SUD METAS Adventist College, Surat, India Registered Nurse
  1. Nursing programs at the tertiary level, owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  2. Adventist Accrediting Association.
  3. Indicates candidacy status for AAA accreditation.
  4. Subject to a regular visit scheduled for 2018.
  5. Site visited and recommended by the DCA for AAA accreditation.

October-December 2017

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